Section 2: Relevance


  • Tweet frequently and use targeting key words that support existing and well- known change initiatives.
    • This will allow you to connect with larger organizations and initiatives which can help you communicate your message to a larger audience.
  • Keep your audience up-to-date on the progress of your campaign or other important information regarding your cause for advocacy
    • For example, if your cause for advocacy is environmental and your goal is to get local residents to sign a petition to propose a bill to install composting bins in your community, you may want to provide regular updates regarding the status of the bill and other ways that your audience could continue to support your cause.
  • Use Twitter polls and ask questions
    • Increase audience engagement by creating polls and asking questions related to your change initiative
      • This allows you to better understand your audience’s beliefs, values, and demographics.
      • This is a quick way to engage your audience and draw them to your campaign


  • Partner with larger organizations to connect more people to your campaign and maintain a larger network of followers that can then share your message with a larger audience
    • This is especially useful for individuals and organizations  that do not have a large following and want to find ways to make a bigger difference in their communities
      • This could be done by reaching out to existing organizations to find out how you can spread their message in your community, or searching existing hashtags that you can include in your posts to remain relevant.
  • If financially able, hire celebrities or other public figures as Instagram influencers
    • Influencers have a large network of followers that your campaign can now reach. Including influencers adds credibility to your message and helps to connect to specific audiences.


  • Create a targeted marketing campaign in the form of ads 
    •  Target ads by location, likes, demographics, etc. 
  • Use influencers or partner with larger organizations to promote your message
  • Post campaign advertisements on targeted group pages
  • Create events on your Facebook page or collaborate with larger campaigns to form joint events in your community.