Section 3: Audience

  • Twitter originally started as a platform used by teenagers and young adults, but nowadays we see adults on the app as well. While we see celebrities, comedians, activism groups, and people in power actively tweeting, I still would argue that most Twitter users, as an overall audience, are teenagers and young adults. It is important to acknowledge who your tweets will be reaching when constructing an activism tweet so that your tweet will gain the most attention. That being said, tweets that are about topics that may not interest young adults will not gain attention and may be better advocated for on another platform. Climate change, politics, women’s and LGBTQ+ rights as well as the rights of black individuals are just a few topics to name. Even if a user does not follow an account, those tweets may still circulate due do people they follow retweeting and liking. 
    • Twitter – 317 million active users monthly
      • Main demographics of this platform:
        • 36% of Twitter users are 18-29

  • Instagram is used by all different age groups and people often follow accounts that peek their interests or stand for what they also believe in. Younger people tend to take Instagram more seriously, trying to maintain a certain aesthetic and stay “on brand.” Instagram is a platform for presenting less aggressive concerns compared to Facebook and Twitter. These call-to-action type posts are seen more often on Twitter and Facebook, while instead Instagram presents an organization’s initiatives and ways younger individuals can get involved. Users on Instagram can be very harsh in the comments and they will not refrain from keeping their opinions to themselves even if the post does not relate to them. 
    • Instagram – 800 million active users monthly

  • Facebook is often associated with middle aged adults. Keeping that in mind, it is important to exclude lingo that might not be recognized by adults and instead use meaningful vocabulary that is easily understood and gets the point across. Sometimes Facebook can become aggressive. Similar to Instagram, users are not afraid to explicitly state their opinions in the comments. When using Facebook, it is important to tailor the content to a middle aged adult’s interests. If advertising a product or advocating for a concern, make sure that these ideas and topics are relevant to an adult.