Section 4: Main Goal


  • Since Twitter focuses on short-form notices, this is good for play-by-plays of events/protests, or notifications for current happenings. The main focus of content on this platform should be quick, concise information that is sometimes funny as the situation calls for it.


  • This platform is perhaps the most visually motivated of all the options, so it is essential that a cohesive theme is achieved through all posts, and that the focus remains on the visual persuasion of the viewer. This includes text-based or photo-based posts and the structure of captions.


  • Finally, since Facebook is the most likely to have longer-form posts, it is important to maintain a cohesive visual theme similar to Instagram, but with the addition of more in-depth information allotted by the style of content on the platform. This is a good substitute for website-like information about your cause or campaign that might be easier to find for the common internet goer.