Section 6: Visual Appeal

The tenants of visual appeal on social media are applicable across platforms, so the following guidelines can be taken as universal rules and then we’ll delve into specific things to keep in mind on each platform as necessary. Social media operates on how clickable your content is. In order to make your media eye-catching, try to maintain a cohesive aesthetic in your branding. Use the same colors, logos, style of infographics and fonts–things of that nature. Keep in mind your subject matter and choose these accordingly. Depending on your specific campaign, neon green motifs might be eye-catching but inappropriate for the serious subject matter you’re determined to change. Use your discretion. Below is an excellent example of a real Instagram account that follows these guidelines.

As you can see, the same style of bold/all caps in the same font, interspersed with art highlighted in the same shade of pink creates a cohesive theme that draws the user in and makes them more likely to follow the account in question.
This type of marketing can be achieved on Twitter and Facebook with account banners and profile pictures, or specific emojis/images your campaign adopts. The important thing is to maintain as much consistency as possible so interested parties can always find your content across all platforms.