Writing for Change, 2019

Summary of Writing for Change 2019

In Writing for Change 2019 students studied writing related to the areas of civic advocacy, social critique, and social justice. Throughout the course, students were able to critique the the writing of various authors, their peers, and themselves. The course aimed to challenge students to engage in writing everyday, whether through daily journals, short compositions, or informal responses. At it’s core Writing for Change serves as a chance to perform ways for students to write in a way that gives them agency in creating change in the world around them.

Online Activism

The Guideline for Online Activism is a detailed outline of the most commonly used platforms for online community organizing. It discusses how to best use each platform to inform a public and motivate that public about upcoming actions.

Included are discussions of each platform’s general standards of format (length of posts, tone, etc, and guidelines on how to coordinate your campaign across those platforms. This guide also discusses the audience of each platform and suggests the best tone for each.

The final section of the guide is clear examples of the guidelines in the previous sections.

This guide can be found at: https://chgpgh.org/change-pittsburgh-2019-onlineactivism/change-pittsburgh-2019-onlineactivism-lengthformat/

Print Media

The Print Media group has created a series of posters as a part of their Me Either campaign. Their posters outline resources focused on combatting food, transportation, and clothing insecurity. Links to resources are provided. If you are not in need of these resources, but you’d like to get involved, links opportunities are also included. 

Clothing insecurity- Thrifting is not only a cheaper option, it also extends the utility of a garment beyond the person who initially purchased it. Unsure where to start? Take a look at the attached graphic

Food insecurity:  The poster details the pricing at several grocery stores within a three-mile radius. 

Transportation insecurity: This poster tackles parking on Pitt’s campus. A link to PittsburghForPublicTransit is also included.

This guide can be found at: https://chgpgh.org/change-pittsburgh-2019-print/

Public Argument

The Public Argument group touched on things such as climate change, gun violence, and economic inequality. In detail the group talks about how these subjects all have a connection between them. In plenty of different ways throughout their final project they explain in depth the vulnerable groups that are targeted, but also how the wealthy make out during all of public issues. 

Included throughout the presentation is detailed statistics and correlations with gun violence and how people in poverty are affected to a greater extent. How women and women of color are affected with economic inequality compared to men in society. It also shows how climate change is being even more greatly affected because of wealthy polluters throughout our country and the world. 

At the end of their project their members posted each pictures with examples and facts over their subjects they each spoke of. 

This guide can be found at: https://chgpgh.org/wealth-climate-violence/


The Creative group created satire pieces about graduate student unionization, presented as both satirical writings, as well as a parody video. These pieces focus on the laws in the administration’s argument against unionization. Utilizing fact checks (found on their Big Cat University website) and the absurdity of the arguments presented without the veil of academic and professional language (found in their video), this group’s work informs the student body on an issue that effects each and every student.

This guide can be found at: https://chgpgh.org/creative/