“Poetics” has been used to refer to the patterns of literary form but could also help us think about ways outside of such patterns. The development of poetics as a body of knowledge spans as far back as ancient Greek thought, but what the CAAPP Black Study Intensive might have shown instead were the ways in which poetics could work to push against traditions, norms, and dominance.

Important to the showcase were moments of flight, of resistance, of thinking about the world anew through poetry and performance. The pieces in this section think with the Intensive to consider and show how poetry can help us see or make our world slant or imagine different futures.

intro by Lou Maraj

Intro to Public Humanities, BSI Writing Project

Mackenzie Linderman, “Today”

Sabrina Helbig, Jericho Brown’s “Bullet Points,” digital poem

Avery Moore, “The Human Hand

Chloe Tassone, Response to BSI