Leaves Of Change – A Zine Complied in Response to the Tree of Life Tragedy

On October 27, 2018, during Saturday services at the Tree of Life Synagogue, eleven congregation-members lost their lives in a mass-shooting. This shooting, so close to Pitt’s campus, shook the lives of many students, faculty members, and families, but it affected the lives of those connected to the synagogue even more. As students at Pitt, we must deal with the aftermath. We must discuss how we can implement changes to prevent more mass-shootings from happening in our backyards all across the nation. As a small token of remembrance and as a small step toward creating action, we hereby dedicate these pieces to the victims, their families, and anyone grieving from this tragedy.

By: Danielle Althouse, Amanda Beinhauer, Mia DiFelice, and Tori Pfefferle-Gillot